Emotional Fitness
  1. What is Emotional Fitness
  2. Why is Emotional Fitness not a priority today
  3. Self-assessment
  4. Myths about negative emotions
  5. Eliminating the Destructive Thought Loop
  6. Powerful ways to deal with unresourceful emotions
Building resilience in tough times
  1. What is resilience
  2. How to build mental toughness
  3. Debunk 4 faulty assumptions regarding resilience
  4. Self-assessment
  5. Eliminating Destructive self-talk
  6. Methods to build greater mental resilience
Hacking happiness
  1. What is happiness
  2. Beliefs and values around happiness
  3. Happiness assessment
  4. Choosing happiness
  5. Self-reflective happiness exercise
Transforming relationships
  1. Relationship happiness indicator
  2. Pillars of relationships
  3. Transforming relationships from ordinary to beyond
  4. Auditing your emotional bank balance
  5. Powerful tools to create healthy and happy relationships
Mastering Assertiveness
  1. What is assertiveness
  2. Understanding the psychology of assertiveness
  3. Discover the conditioning of saying NO
  4. Quick assessment
  5. Empowering beliefs of assertive people
  6. How to draw healthy boundaries to be assertive