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Leading Neuro-linguistic programming Coach, Certified by Neoway

When most women in their early forties are going through a mid-life crisis, she found a new calling in her life.

Abhilasha decided to complete her Masters in Psychotherapy, that she had left 20 years back. Starting again wasn’t easy, but she operated from a space of “Anything is possible if you’re willing to do it.” and made it possible to achieve that goal and many more.

Where living in a joint family gave her more perspective into psychology, learning psychology gave her a new perspective to life.

She was living life in an “auto-pilot” where everything seemed right, but not complete, until she decided to take 100% responsibility of her life in the true sense.

Abhilasha ventured into her coaching journey, and there she felt resistance internally as well as externally. With conscious effort, she began to untangle it, which was no easy task. There were roadblocks along the way, but she chose rise above them. By breaking her resistance and limiting beliefs, she found her path and here she is, a Neoway Certified NLP Coach, who essentially helps you become the person you wish to be.

Abhilasha’s guiding principles
  • The story you tell yourself becomes self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • What you focus on, grows.
  • Taking 100% responsibility of your life.
  • The 3 Cs that hold us back – Courage, Clarity and Consistency (and all three can be worked on).
  • Progress is better than perfection.


Happiness and Mindfulness Coach- Happitute, Berkley Institute of Wellbeing, California

Master’s in Psychotherapy and Counseling.

Soft skills training (NABET and SQA accredited)

Transactional Analysis ( TA 101, TAA)

Relationship Coach (ICF accredited from Symbiosis)

Neuro-Linguistic Program Practitioner / Masters / Coach Program

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Client Testimonials

by Anonymous

"I don’t’ know to write much but you have given me wings to fly. I have started by own business last week. Thank you so so so much."

by Anonymous

“Through your coaching session, I realised important of work-life balance, mental stability and ability to handle tough situations related to my personal as well as professional life. I am able to look at life very differently now. Thank you so much.”

by Anonymous

“The coaching session was very helpful for me as I learnt how to deal with emotions. Overall it was a very good insight, thank you.”